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Six Feet Under marathon update.I've only got four episodes left to go in S3. Do I ship Ruth/Arthur? Um. Yes, yes I certainly do. I ship every awkwardly charming second of Ruth/Arthur. It feels exactly like the sort of relationship Betty Draper and Glenn might have had if they had been around 15 years older. It is so creepy and adorable and it probably won't work out but I'll love it as long as it lasts. *happy sigh* On a less happy note, Nate/Lisa have been painful to watch this season. I can understand the perspective that Lisa herself is ruining their marriage by being so nagging and paranoid. But in the last episode when Lisa suggests separation and Nate is just like "Um. Sure. Whatever." it does reveal how half-arsed he is about their marriage. I feel bad for Lisa because I think she was prepared to be a single mother and Nate proposing gave her false expectations. But I really missed Brenda in the early episodes of S3 and wow, I've been loving the epic interactions between Bren and Lisa. I'm not always a fan of love triangles but I love two women sort of bonding over their embittered feelings for the same guy. Personally I'd rather have a husband like Rico than Nate. Rico may rant and moan a lot, but he seems far more sincerely devoted to his wife through unhappy periods of their marriage. Plus, Rico is cuter :) I'm still enjoying David/Keith through all the ups and downs of their relationship. Gay paintball! Where can I go to play? It looks so fun. And Claire...I'm thinking that her new boyfriend Russell really is sleeping with their art teacher and I'm waiting for it all to crash and burn. Like every other Claire relationship. Poor Claire.

Real life update too. I'm adding to my own exhaustion levels by getting involved in TWO local plays. In April I'll be playing Willie in The Curious Savage and in May I'll be playing June in The Forsyte Saga. I think I underestimated how big a commitment these plays would be, but I guess it's fun to be acting again.

I just hope I'll get time to write my novel soon. That and I have another Breaking Bad fic in the works. I might try to finish the latter today in between SFU marathoning.         
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