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So I spent the last weekend of my holiday in the beautiful Hay-on-Wye, town of books (seriously it's a tiny country town with about 50 thriving book shops). I crammed a lot into just two days of the huge literature, philosophy and music festival they have there every year. I also had the pleasure of seeing a lot of great novelists - my hero Patrick Ness, but also Matt Haig, Nick Harkaway and Saci Lloyd. Ness couldn't answer my questions on the Charlie Kaufman adaptation of Chaos Walking for pesky legal reasons (sigh). But Ness is always awesome to listen to and I got to hear him read from his new novel 'More Than This' which is either a story set in the afterlife or a last survivor at the end of the world story. I can't tell yet. I also saw a wonderful gypsy band called Miss Maud's Folly who played a great original set laced with covers of 'Mein Herr' and 'Belleville Rendezvous'.

I'll have to go next year for longer.

I'm back at school now (for seven and a half long weeks) but I can cope with anything because I have my Breaking Bad S5 DVD. This includes the great new missing scene Chicks n Guns: seven minutes of brand new BrBa and I've been starved for ten months so it felt like a feast. Seven minutes of Jesse, Saul and Skinny Peteness! Yay!Chicks n Guns basically gives us an insight into Jesse's life during his three month vacation from cooking meth with Mr White. Which (as usual) consists of booze, boobies and loud music with his sweet stoner friends until Saul shows up to give Jesse a gun and warn him to watch out for "bears". And Jesse's all "Yo! Don't talk to me in metaphors, bitch!" And Saul's just trying to gently explain to Jesse that Walt is a kill-crazy sociopath now and Jesse's all "But Mr White wouldn't hurt Mike's guys because that would make Mike angry and Mike isn't dead, Saul, Mr White sent him away to live on a farm!!" Sigh. My poor Pinkman. I'm worried about Jesse's vaguely suicidal talk to Skinny too. I'm going to hurt this final season. Now I'm just sitting enjoying the audio commentaries (OMG, Jonathan Bank's rants are a treat). There's also a lovely tribute to Mike: The Cleaner and a longer ickier version of the Walt/Skyler bed scene where Skyler gives Walt the most desperate despairing handjob ever. I actually wish they had kept that part in. It was such a creepy parallel to the hilarious distracted-by-E-bay handjob in the Pilot. Oh, and the new DVD has the best Gag Reel so far I think. I guess it'll all be on youtube soon for those of you who aren't obsessive enough to pay £20 for eight episodes and so extras.

I also caught up with Game of Thrones S3 in the holiday. And I was going to make a post about everything that has been happening in S3. But I just watched the latest episode and now I can't remember anything that ever happened in GoT apart from...that last fucking scene. That was, well...brutal and horrific doesn't cover it. I'm only a casual Thrones fan and as such I just want simple things like Stark family reunions and a little less Theon torture. But no...everyone is going to die screaming, aren't they? I'm dreading my mum seeing this episode. Every time I watch Game of Thrones with my mum, she'll tell me that all she wants is for Arya to get back to her mum and her brother. Every time we watch a damn episode. And (for my mum's sake) I was still hoping that Cat and Robb might flee the Red Wedding in despair and at least have the comfort of finding Arya waiting in the wilderness. But no. Of course Frey doesn't care about his child bride. So Cat has to watch her first born son get stabbed in the heart. This only shortly after her husband's head was cut off and the rest of her children are lost or captured. Cat is the one I really feel horrible for because she fucking told you so Robb! Man, I'm gonna really miss Michelle Fairley on this show. I was so caught up in Cat's final moan that I wasn't prepared for Cat being slaughtered herself. Well damn. Maybe when Game of Thrones S4 comes out I'll just watch episode 9. Seems like episode 9 is now the annual episode where everything goes to hell and heads are gonna roll.

I'll try to catch up with Mad Men S6 next (unless I die of boredom that is).

And if I wasn't juggling enough shows...I've watched the first two episodes of Orphan Black. Ugh. I really need a break from TV too. Why does this show have to be so awesome? Does it stay this good? Who's watching?    
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