Sep. 3rd, 2012

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My one disappointment with this episode (well, S5 in general actually) was lack of Jesse. But I'm prepared to forgive that because I feel certain Jesse will come back strong in the final episodes and DAMN, they at least had last intense Walt/Jesse scene to tide me over. So Jesse is locked in his desolate house with no phone, a little havest of beer and drugs, a gun in his back pocket and his nightmares about the day that Heisenberg is going to come and kill him. Then old Mr White drops by just to say hello and have a random nostalgic chat about the good old days in their bullet ridden RV. And just...stop! I loved the RV. I cried more when the RV got crushed than I've cried over any character death. I can't cope with this. Walt misses his Jesse! *sigh*

Then Walt tells Jesse he's left a gift in some bags on his doorstep. Jesse approaches the bags in terror. They do not explode. They do not contain severed body parts of innocent children. They are full of money! Heisenberg just wants to give you love and money, Jesse! And Jesse (understandably) has a nervous breakdown. Man. I could not love this relationship more.

And finally...Hank knows!!! Hank knows, bitches! And Walt doesn't know that Hank knows! Even better. This is going to be sooo good. Gale gets his revenge! Through poetry!! I can't wait. What? 10 months you say?? 10 MONTHS!!

*yo, somehow we'll make it, mofos*

Till 2013 I guess...


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