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"Everyone dies in this movie, don't they?"

Yay for an onscreen 'Scarface' reference! I really don't want everyone to die though. Damn. Poor Skyler. This is painful to watch. Her "shut up!" breakdown was heartbreaking but even sadder was that Walt had such an easy excuse for it. He doesn't even need to lie. Skyler did have an affair with Ted and she was shaken up by his accident so all Walt had to do was omit a huge portion of the terrible truth and he's made Skyler look like the bad guy to her own sister. Or maybe not. Marie can have good instincts about this kind of stuff and even if she doesn't smell a rat, Marie tends to tell Hank everything and it can only help to have Hank watching Skyler a little closer. That said it's harsh that Skyler is now the one under scrutiny from her family for her strange behavior as Walt used to be in the early seasons. I'm actually hoping Skyler doesn't need to be rescued by anyone but finds her own way to regain control and stick it to Walter. 

Phew. I'm rather relieved that Jesse has split with Andrea. I know I should want nice things for Jesse, but she and Brock are too thinly-written characters to be on the show any longer. They've served the function as plot devices but I honestly never believed that Jesse would get an easy happy ending with them. I never felt like Jesse was in love with Andrea the way he was with Jane, but I buy into Jesse yearning for an "instant family" of his own. Walt was so crafty in the way he reminded Jesse that he's damaged goods and he can't marry Andrea without being honest with her. It was a fairly safe gamble. Even if Jesse had told Andrea the truth she'd probably have broken up with Jesse herself (I remember she wouldn't let Jesse near Brock after the ricin slip) and still kept her mouth shut since her house was bought with Jesse's money. But Walt knows Jesse well and knows how much shame and self-loathing he feels for the things he's done. No way was Jesse going to confess his dark secrets to his girlfriend or face the prospect of Brock knowing one day. Speaking of Brock - I could not stop my shivers when Walt praising the kid for being brave in the hospital. Every episode Walt gets a moment creepier than the last.

To be honest, I was more upset by Jesse distancing himself from Badger and Skinny Pete. I love those guys but I fear that if they keep sniffing around Jesse's new business they are going to end up dead. Pete's beautiful playing on the keyboards was a wonderful if saddening moment. I felt the same looking at all Jesse's drawings of the new meth lab set up and remembering Jesse's talent for art and design. So much wasted potential and wasted good nature in these guys.  

Ooh, oh! I love the new moving meth lab hidden in the pest control tent! I might have to write a separate post just to rave over how much I love that idea. I'm also enjoying the combination of Walt, Jesse and Mike (and Saul) working together. The bickering is really entertaining. I find super!arrogant Heisenberg hilarious sometimes - "We take a vote?" "Why?" - though by the ending, I'm back to being creeped out. I've heard different theories on Walt's little reflection on Victor and Icarus. Some people have taken it as a veiled threat to Jesse, but I thought it was directed at Mike and perhaps Mike's nine guys who Walt only considers to be 'Victors' in his operation. I noticed Lydia and Jesse together in the promo for next weeks episode but I'm really keen for Walt to meet Lydia. I'm sure he'd be up for her 'kill everyone who might talk' plan.

More Breaking Bad meta and tributes to come soon from me. Though beyond my current core obsession, I have been looking towards new shows. I finished The Walking Dead S1 last night and while it feels like a bit of a, well, zombie soap opera I am really taken with the visual look of the show and I tend to like post apocalypse survival stories, even if that's all they are about - survival. I need to see if I can borrow S2 DVDs from somewhere.

Also has anyone been watching The Newsroom? I feel like I want to like this show more than I do. It's not badly written by any means but it does feel like it's grasping to repeat The West Wing, especially by casting Jeff Daniels in the host role, using a well regarded aging movie star in the anchoring role like they did with Martin Sheen as the President. But it's really all about the news team. The characters are okay. I like McKenzie. I just don't know if I want to commit to watching an obvious West Wing substitute show. The West Wing was great but there should be no substitute. It's like trying to watch Caprica after finishing Battlestar Galactica.

Lastly, I've realized that my library finally has the first three Big Love seasons on DVD. So I've ordered S1. [livejournal.com profile] lenina20 reminded me recently that I've been promising to watch that show for years.
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