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"If there's a hell...we're already pretty much going there, right?"

RIP Mike Ehrmantraut. I know every BB fan and their mother was predicting Mike would die soon, so it wasn't a shock when it happened but I was still rather devastated by the merciless way it played out. That everything that Mike stayed for - doing right by his guys in lock up, leaving his money to his granddaughter, etc. It was all for nothing. He let Walt and Lydia live against his better judgement and now he dies knowing they're going to conspire to kill the nine guys. Oh and the lawyer flipped so no money for little Kaylee who'll never know what Mike tried to do for her, only that her grandpa abandoned her one day in the park and disappeared forever. Man. And on top of all that, Mike has to spend his last moments with Walter White telling him he just realised it wasn't really necessary to shoot him. Man oh man. If we can't have happy endings for our BB characters (because happy endings just aren't right for this show) then I hope everyone can get endings as tragically breathtaking as Mike's death. At first I was worried the writers were going to pull a 'Pine Barrens' with Mike just disappearing into the woods. But that last shot of Mike calmly staring over the water was startling and beautiful.  

I see there's been some criticism about Mike how refused to let Jesse bring him his bag and instead gave Walt the perfect opportunity to kill him. Personally I loved Mike's (arguably futile) attempts to protect Jesse and how Mike kept encouraging him to get out of the game. I have a fanon theory about Mike, regarding his bond with Jesse. First off, much has been made of Mike's bond with his granddaughter, but who is Mike's child who parented Kaylee? I hadn't thought about this until Jonathan Banks mentioned in an interview that he didn't think Kaylee's mother was his daughter. So if Mike had a son who was Kaylee's father what happened to his son? Unless canon corrects me, my belief will be that Mike's son was also involved in the drug business and that it got him killed. So if Mike felt even slightly fatherly towards Jesse then I buy that it would've been important to Mike not to put Jesse at risk, even if he had to risk himself instead. Especially after failing in his attempted redemption with Kaylee.

I'm going to be controversial here and say that while I like Mike and I'm sad over his death, part of me didn't blame Walt for killing him. I'll admit - I felt pissed on Walt's behalf for Mike's "you should've known your place" rant. Sorry Mike, but...just...NO. There are many reasons for hating Walter White but I don't hate him for killing Gus. If Walt had "known his place" in Gus's empire then Walt would have worked a few months as a slave cook in Gus's dungeon super lab and then Walt and Jesse would've been murdered and replaced by Gale. Since Mike was the guy who Gus ordered to kill Walt and Jesse at the end of S3 you'd think that Mike would at least appreciate that Walt killing Gus was self-preservation.

Anyway, I need to talk about my favourite scene. But first -

Jesse: Vamanos.
Skyler: I wish...
Falafel: *cries forever*

Is this really happening? Are we going to get a Skyler/Jesse alliance? I want it so bad. Jesse, Skyler and Saul need to get together and become an awesome little team of rebels. I loved Skyler and Jesse's sad shared look in the shadows of the carwash. I also loved Skyler switching to scabby frozen dinners and just walking out of the living room when Walt tried to make small talk with her. Awesome Skyler burn. Then I just burst out laughing at Walt once again terrorising Hank with his tears.

But anyway, the Walt/Jesse scene. Damn it. I cried. I actually started crying when Walt handed Jesse the gloves. I can't fucking help it. I felt sad for Walt and his stuborn denial as he refused to even acknowledge that Jesse was leaving. Then I was just horrified with everything that came out of Walt's mouth in his desperate attempt to make Jesse stay. First Walt believing himself to be the best surrogate daddy ever and promising to give Jesse his very own meth lab, praising Jesse's cook because that's what got Jesse to stay when he tried to leave in S3. Then pointing out that Jesse has no other prospects or ambitions. Oh and Jesse has no life, family or friends either. And in case Jesse forgot he's also a junkie and a murderer and he's going to hell. Walt even mocked Jesse's go carts - the bastard! The bit that really made me cry was Jesse almost inaudibly mouthing "Mr White" as Walt tore strips off him. But the part I really loved? Walt calling Jesse out over wanting his cut of their blood money. Because it's true. Jesse can't take the moral high ground and still take that money. It's easily my favourite Jesse moment of S5 that he chose to walk away from Walt and the money. Yes! Proud of you, kid. I think Jesse is on the right path now. He won't be able to just leave. If Jesse truly doesn't want anyone else to die it's going to require him stepping up rather than running away. I think Jesse's close to realising that now. Gah! I need more defiant!Jesse and there's only one episode left! I think Jesse will become a real force to be reckoned with in the final episodes. Like it says in the song - when you ain't got nothing you've got nothing to lose.

Loved this episode. My favourite of S5, I think. Maybe tied with 'Fifty One'.              

Predictions for next week? Please share them.

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