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"All I can do is wait..." )

PS - I know I'm being majorly unpatriotic right now, not making LJ posts gushing over Team GBs success in the London Olympics. I'll level with you. I have a secret that I can't really share with anyone at the moment...I'm so very bored. I'm pleased we are doing so well after the years worth of hype and expense over the Games. I just can't pretend I've ever enjoyed watching sport coverage for long periods of time, let alone 24 hours a day for weeks on end. Sorry. Just. Can't help it.   
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You know that after DVD marathons I always do Top 10 episode posts? Well, my favourite episode celebration for Breaking Bad is a little late - or a little early seeing as I should really wait till the end of S5 - but here it is. I'm sure I'll end up posting a fresh list some time after the last eight airs next year.

But these are my most treasured episodes so far. 

My Top 10 Favourite Breaking Bad Episodes (S1-4) )

Please share your own BB faves in comments!
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"Everyone dies in this movie, don't they?" )
More Breaking Bad meta and tributes to come soon from me. Though beyond my current core obsession, I have been looking towards new shows. I finished The Walking Dead S1 last night and while it feels like a bit of a, well, zombie soap opera I am really taken with the visual look of the show and I tend to like post apocalypse survival stories, even if that's all they are about - survival. I need to see if I can borrow S2 DVDs from somewhere.

Also has anyone been watching The Newsroom? I feel like I want to like this show more than I do. It's not badly written by any means but it does feel like it's grasping to repeat The West Wing, especially by casting Jeff Daniels in the host role, using a well regarded aging movie star in the anchoring role like they did with Martin Sheen as the President. But it's really all about the news team. The characters are okay. I like McKenzie. I just don't know if I want to commit to watching an obvious West Wing substitute show. The West Wing was great but there should be no substitute. It's like trying to watch Caprica after finishing Battlestar Galactica.

Lastly, I've realized that my library finally has the first three Big Love seasons on DVD. So I've ordered S1. [livejournal.com profile] lenina20 reminded me recently that I've been promising to watch that show for years.
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A little meta on Poisoning and Manipulation in Breaking Bad. 

"I don't know what's wrong with me, Mr White..." )

And going only slightly off topic...have all BB fans on my flist seen the Aaron Paul on The Price is Right clips? If not, do follow this link. Funniest "before they were famous" footage ever, I think. :D 
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"Yo, what about, like...a magnet?" )

What did my fellow BB fans think? Any S5 predictions?                 

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Fandom: Breaking Bad
Characters/Pairing: A Jesse & Walt tribute, mostly Jesse centric.  
Music: 'I Gave You All' by Mumford & Sons
Length: 2.58 mins
Warnings: Scenes of violence and drug abuse.
Description: "Your half? There is no your half! There is only my all of it." A study of Jesse Pinkman's partnership with Mr White and how this relationship has slowly consumed Jesse's life and all he cared about. 
Author's Note: This is my way of saying All Hail to S1-4 of Breaking Bad and bring on S5. One week!
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Okay so this is my last Buffy post for a while. Honestly! I started watching The Sopranos again today (when oh when will S2 get interesting?) Also I do have a life to get back to so...there's that. 

Thanks to everyone who has been sharing Buffy discussions with me! Especially because you probably finished watching this show almost 10 years ago. Sorry for being so very late to the party!

My Top 10 Favourite Buffy the Vampire Slayer Characters )

*sigh* I think I'm finally done now...

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As with any new fandom, I feel the need to celebrate with obnoxious favourites lists.

My top 10 favourite Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes )

Tomorrow I'm posting my Favourite Character Top 10. Can you guess who'll be on the list? 
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Update on my Buffy Watch. I think I'm finally into Buffy.

Passion... )  
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So, this is my ritual when savouring new fandoms...

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I completely forgot to link this before...
During the Great LJ Crash of 2011 me and lenina wrote a co-fic.

Harry Potter Fic: Wormwood (Gen)
Hermione centric with Harry and Ron. Gen fic (movie canon-compliant). She stands stills and watches it all unfold. She would follow him till the end—so long as he didn’t ask her to smile. 2,800 words. PG.
co-written by [info]falafel_musings and [info]lenina20. but not really ours.

It's not long. I never thought I'd write Potter verse, but it was so cool writing with Len!
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Oh don't deceive me
Oh never leave me...

Non-spoilery thoughts on the Chaos Walking trilogy )


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I've been noticing a pattern in my fandoms. I often have a favourite guilty pleasure character. You know, the sort of character that you shouldn't like, but absolutely do. For me it's usually a character who is established as the most annoying, amoral or despicable character on the show, yet I find them irresistable and brilliant. This is the part of me that loves Gaius Baltar (BSG), Pete Campbell (Mad Men) and Sue Sylvester (Glee). Maybe it's because these characters are so self-possessed in their awfulness that they impress me? Maybe it's because you can only enjoy these characters in fiction because they wouldn't be tollerable in real life? As most of you know I've a new pleasure, Nathan Young (Misfits). Since this show & character has eaten my brain, I may as well celebrate it with a big picture & meta Nathan-spam in tribute to his appalling wonderfulness.     

For non-Misfits fans on my flist...do you have a favourite guilty pleasure character?

My Top 10 Favourite Nathan Moments (with Meta) )
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I finished my Misfits watch last night. All 13 episodes! I'm now completely up to date. And being that I'm finished watching, I can respond to daybreak777's meme asking new Misfits fans: What is your favorite aspect of the show and why?

Nathan: If men could suck themselves off then the female of the species would be surplus to requirements.
Kelly: This is why people kill you.

My favourite thing about Misfits...  )
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So it's been...almost a year since my last LJ entry. 

I missed you all. Can we catch up? 

This post was inspired by [livejournal.com profile] sapphire_child one of my oldest LJ friends. She just asked me if I was planning on reviewing the new Harry Potter film anywhere. I've not actually seen 'Deathly Hallows pt1' yet and I wasn't that excited about seeing it until yesterday when [livejournal.com profile] lenina20 told me a Nick Cave song featured in it and my expectations suddenly rocketed!

Anyway...sapphs question made me wish that I actually did have an online place just to post little random reviews, thoughts and opinions. And wait, wait! I used to have such a place. My dear old LJ. And then I started thinking about the lovely people that I used to chat to here and remembering how much it could cheer me up when I was feeling flat. I've missed you all. *sniff*

Have I left it too long?  Do you guys even remember me?! 

Personal updates, current fandoms & reading recs... )

Okay, enough already. Just to say - I'm back, bitches!  
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The moment has come!! Over the last few days I've been cleaning up my journal entries. You'll find all my posts are now set to either public or private. The entries I've disappeared are all my self-reverential scatterbrained posts that I can't imagine anyone wanting to reread. The ones that I've kept open are my more substantial creative contributions to fandom - my fic, my vids, my reviews, my picspams and yes, even the Xmas stockings. Hopefully you'll find everything more accessible in this archive now that I've cut out the inane babble in between.

Sorry to be leaving. I'll miss posting here, but it's time to move on. I want to say a huge thank you to everyone on my flist for taking an interest in my journal and chatting with me in my comments. I'll still be lurking on LJ so you can expect to see me again replying to your own postings. Hope to see some of you on my new website & blog once I get that started up.

Anyway. I have things to do. I put this off for far too long... *ahem*

"I regret to announce that this is the end. I'm going now.
I wish you all a very fond farewell.

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I'm still feeling ill *sniffles*. I've still got plenty of books on my reading list to polish off. But in the meantime I thought I'd type up my little celebration post of my favourite Mad Men episodes, since I'm really feeling the love now. Please share any favourite episodes or quotes of your own that I've not chosen. I'm always interested by other people's rankings.

My Top 10 Favourite Mad Men Episodes + pics, quotes and meta...  )


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