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So I spent the last weekend of my holiday in the beautiful Hay-on-Wye, town of books (seriously it's a tiny country town with about 50 thriving book shops). I crammed a lot into just two days of the huge literature, philosophy and music festival they have there every year. I also had the pleasure of seeing a lot of great novelists - my hero Patrick Ness, but also Matt Haig, Nick Harkaway and Saci Lloyd. Ness couldn't answer my questions on the Charlie Kaufman adaptation of Chaos Walking for pesky legal reasons (sigh). But Ness is always awesome to listen to and I got to hear him read from his new novel 'More Than This' which is either a story set in the afterlife or a last survivor at the end of the world story. I can't tell yet. I also saw a wonderful gypsy band called Miss Maud's Folly who played a great original set laced with covers of 'Mein Herr' and 'Belleville Rendezvous'.

I'll have to go next year for longer.

I'm back at school now (for seven and a half long weeks) but I can cope with anything because I have my Breaking Bad S5 DVD. This includes the great new missing scene Chicks n Guns: seven minutes of brand new BrBa and I've been starved for ten months so it felt like a feast. Seven minutes of Jesse, Saul and Skinny Peteness! Yay!Chicks n Guns & S5 DVD spoilers )

I also caught up with Game of Thrones S3 in the holiday. And I was going to make a post about everything that has been happening in S3. But I just watched the latest episode and now I can't remember anything that ever happened in GoT apart from......that last fucking scene *SPOILERS* )

I'll try to catch up with Mad Men S6 next (unless I die of boredom that is).

And if I wasn't juggling enough shows...I've watched the first two episodes of Orphan Black. Ugh. I really need a break from TV too. Why does this show have to be so awesome? Does it stay this good? Who's watching?    
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Long time no LJ entry. I've finally finished my run in The Forsyte Saga and I'm on my school holidays. I've also recently finished my Dexter marathon in good time for the final season. Well, I skipped Dexter S6 on strong recommendation from fans who suffered through it. I didn't want to be tempted to jump ship.

Dexter S7 Thoughts: So the Dexter writers are Breaking Bad fans, right? )  

Season 8 Trailer right here! Is it me or does this look potentially AWESOME?

Dexter S8 Thoughts: Why I think the final season could be pretty damn great.  )

While I'm on the subject of lovable serial killers, let me recommend 'Sightseers'!!                

One of the most haunting and darkly funny British films I've seen in ages! Watch it.
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Six Feet Under marathon update.I've only got four episodes left to go in S3. Do I ship Ruth/Arthur? )

Real life update too. I'm adding to my own exhaustion levels by getting involved in TWO local plays. In April I'll be playing Willie in The Curious Savage and in May I'll be playing June in The Forsyte Saga. I think I underestimated how big a commitment these plays would be, but I guess it's fun to be acting again.

I just hope I'll get time to write my novel soon. That and I have another Breaking Bad fic in the works. I might try to finish the latter today in between SFU marathoning.         
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Thought of the Day. I miss Breaking Bad.


BrBa Meme for My Flisters
Your Top Five Favourite BB Characters:
Your Top Three Favourite BB Episodes:
Your Favourite BB Quote:
One Scene that blew your mind:
One Scene that makes you laugh:
One Scene that makes you cry:
One Character you think will survive the whole show:
One Character you fear is going to die in the end:
Your One Wish for the BB Ending:
Anything else:
(pics, gifs, vids, fic, INDULGE ME!)

Five more months...*heavy sigh*
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title. The Sins of the Father
fandom. Breaking Bad
characters. Walt and Jesse. Walt POV.
summary. Future fic set sometime after the Denny's teaser. Finding himself cornered by the DEA, Walt tries to find another perfect moment to die and some way for Jesse to live free. 
warnings. Heavy angst, hints of violence. 
disclaimer. BrBa is not mine and I shouldn't really be touching it. 
authors note. First off, huge thanks to my beta readers [livejournal.com profile] lenina20 and [livejournal.com profile] hanfastolfe for reading this fic through and offering me some sage advice. Writing BrBa fic is the most daunting fan project I've ever attempted so I needed the hand holding. This fic is a dark depressing gift that I promised to [livejournal.com profile] waltzmatildah after we gave each other the same challenge to write a 'Jesse finds out everything' fic. This is my nervous attempt at fulfilling that challenge.     

The plan was simple. )
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The Long Winded Blues of the Never

An All Seasons Walt & Jesse recap


Season One
Season Two, Part One
Season Two, Part Two 
Season Three, Part One
Season Three, Part Two
Season Four, Part One
Season Four, Part Two

Season Five, Part One )

Hope you've enjoyed my Walt & Jesse meta! Sadly the final part will have to wait till late summer, 2013. 
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The Long Winded Blues of the Never

An All Seasons Walt & Jesse Recap

5. S3

Season Three, Part Two )
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The Long Winded Blues of the Never

An All Seasons Walt & Jesse Recap


Season One
Season Two, Part One
Season Two, Part Two

Season Three, Part One )
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The Long Winded Blues of the Never

An All-Seasons Walt & Jesse Recap

S22 collage

Season One 
Season Two, Part One

Season Two, Part Two )
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The Long Winded Blues of the Never

An All-Seasons Walt & Jesse Recap

s2 collage_edited-1

Walt & Jesse: Season One
Walt & Jesse: Season Two, Part One

Picspam and Meta on Walt & Jesse's Relationship through the Seasons )
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The Long Winded Blues of the Never

An All-Seasons Walt & Jesse Recap

Picspam and Meta on Walt & Jesse's Relationship through the Seasons )

Ahh, the first of my hiatus Breaking Bad fan projects. More recapping to come!
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[Poll #1864185]   

My one disappointment with this episode (well, S5 in general actually) was lack of Jesse. But I'm prepared to forgive that because I feel certain Jesse will come back strong in the final episodes and DAMN, they at least had last intense Walt/Jesse scene to tide me over. So Jesse is locked in his desolate house with no phone, a little havest of beer and drugs, a gun in his back pocket and his nightmares about the day that Heisenberg is going to come and kill him. Then old Mr White drops by just to say hello and have a random nostalgic chat about the good old days in their bullet ridden RV. And just...stop! I loved the RV. I cried more when the RV got crushed than I've cried over any character death. I can't cope with this. Walt misses his Jesse! *sigh*

Then Walt tells Jesse he's left a gift in some bags on his doorstep. Jesse approaches the bags in terror. They do not explode. They do not contain severed body parts of innocent children. They are full of money! Heisenberg just wants to give you love and money, Jesse! And Jesse (understandably) has a nervous breakdown. Man. I could not love this relationship more.

And finally...Hank knows!!! Hank knows, bitches! And Walt doesn't know that Hank knows! Even better. This is going to be sooo good. Gale gets his revenge! Through poetry!! I can't wait. What? 10 months you say?? 10 MONTHS!!

*yo, somehow we'll make it, mofos*

Till 2013 I guess...

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"All I can do is wait..." )

PS - I know I'm being majorly unpatriotic right now, not making LJ posts gushing over Team GBs success in the London Olympics. I'll level with you. I have a secret that I can't really share with anyone at the moment...I'm so very bored. I'm pleased we are doing so well after the years worth of hype and expense over the Games. I just can't pretend I've ever enjoyed watching sport coverage for long periods of time, let alone 24 hours a day for weeks on end. Sorry. Just. Can't help it.   
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You know that after DVD marathons I always do Top 10 episode posts? Well, my favourite episode celebration for Breaking Bad is a little late - or a little early seeing as I should really wait till the end of S5 - but here it is. I'm sure I'll end up posting a fresh list some time after the last eight airs next year.

But these are my most treasured episodes so far. 

My Top 10 Favourite Breaking Bad Episodes (S1-4) )

Please share your own BB faves in comments!
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"Everyone dies in this movie, don't they?" )
More Breaking Bad meta and tributes to come soon from me. Though beyond my current core obsession, I have been looking towards new shows. I finished The Walking Dead S1 last night and while it feels like a bit of a, well, zombie soap opera I am really taken with the visual look of the show and I tend to like post apocalypse survival stories, even if that's all they are about - survival. I need to see if I can borrow S2 DVDs from somewhere.

Also has anyone been watching The Newsroom? I feel like I want to like this show more than I do. It's not badly written by any means but it does feel like it's grasping to repeat The West Wing, especially by casting Jeff Daniels in the host role, using a well regarded aging movie star in the anchoring role like they did with Martin Sheen as the President. But it's really all about the news team. The characters are okay. I like McKenzie. I just don't know if I want to commit to watching an obvious West Wing substitute show. The West Wing was great but there should be no substitute. It's like trying to watch Caprica after finishing Battlestar Galactica.

Lastly, I've realized that my library finally has the first three Big Love seasons on DVD. So I've ordered S1. [livejournal.com profile] lenina20 reminded me recently that I've been promising to watch that show for years.
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A little meta on Poisoning and Manipulation in Breaking Bad. 

"I don't know what's wrong with me, Mr White..." )

And going only slightly off topic...have all BB fans on my flist seen the Aaron Paul on The Price is Right clips? If not, do follow this link. Funniest "before they were famous" footage ever, I think. :D 


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