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Non-spoilery thoughts on the Chaos Walking trilogy )


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I've been noticing a pattern in my fandoms. I often have a favourite guilty pleasure character. You know, the sort of character that you shouldn't like, but absolutely do. For me it's usually a character who is established as the most annoying, amoral or despicable character on the show, yet I find them irresistable and brilliant. This is the part of me that loves Gaius Baltar (BSG), Pete Campbell (Mad Men) and Sue Sylvester (Glee). Maybe it's because these characters are so self-possessed in their awfulness that they impress me? Maybe it's because you can only enjoy these characters in fiction because they wouldn't be tollerable in real life? As most of you know I've a new pleasure, Nathan Young (Misfits). Since this show & character has eaten my brain, I may as well celebrate it with a big picture & meta Nathan-spam in tribute to his appalling wonderfulness.     

For non-Misfits fans on my flist...do you have a favourite guilty pleasure character?

My Top 10 Favourite Nathan Moments (with Meta) )
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Title: The Mercy Seat
Song/Artist: 'The Mercy Seat' by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica 2003
Description: A tribute to the hysterically tragic life of Felix Gaeta. This video includes surreal religious depictions of Felix's own personal idol, Gaius Baltar, a few shady characters like Zarek and Crazy Eight who like to kill people when Felix's back is turned then blame him for it, and good old Lieutenant Hoshi, the perfect boyfriend for assisted morpha overdoses. A host of other BSG characters also appear to whip poor Felix to his inevitable doom.  
Pairings: Mostly Gaeta/Baltar with hints of Gaeta/Hoshi, Gaeta/Eight and Baltar/Six.
Spoilers: Up to episode 4x14 (Blood on the Scales)
Warnings: Dark themes including depictions of execution, suicide, murder, violence, kidnapping, amputation, drug use and insanity. All the lovely things we have come to expect from the average episode of BSG.  

Seriously. I made a fanvid. My first (and probably my last) fanvid ever. So please watch it!

Vidding Meta: The Tragedy of Felix Gaeta and the God that is Nick Cave )
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Okay, it's only one and half weeks till the final act of BSG begins and already I can't contain excitement. So I'm celebrating the TEN DAYS countdown to new BSG with a list/picspam of my 12 favourite BSG moments; one for each of the 12 colonies of Kobol and the (soon to be) 12 cylon models.

My Top 12 Favourite BSG Moments... )

If you have time please share your own favourite BSG moments and squee with me over the show's return!

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                                     Baltar/Gaeta...Whispers of Doom

Okay, I'm going to go easy on the meta and the spoiler talk in this post. The Lords of Kobol know that we three can blather on all day over our BSG obsessions. Millari has asked for Baltar/Gaeta and lls_mutant asked for just plain Gaeta, so I'm doing a Felix heavy stocking for the pairing of doom. This stocking does give me a chance to air a deleted scene from one of my fics that didn't work out. But mostly I just want to say how pleased I am to have made some great new friends in Gaeta fandom, you two especially! You have been lovely fangirls to squee with.     

*Picspam and Meta*
The Baltar/Gaeta Story (S1-3)

So I love that this relationship has been canon since the mini-season. Gaeta is the only character considerate enough to realise that the cylons are using Baltar's CNP to take out the Colonial fleet. Gaeta is, of course, worried that Mr Wonderful is feeling ever so guilty over this. He tells Baltar he should let him know if he needs anything. Reassurance, cuddles, foot massages, anything!

At first Baltar was a little sulky about having this No.1 fanboy appointed as his lab assistant. I do so adore Gaeta's puppish attempts to impress Baltar while Six teases "You have a friend..." When Baltar decides to ditch Gaeta for a card game, watch out for how Gaeta hilariously searches his pockets for money for Baltar to put on the table. Oh, he's so precious! 


Oh, toilet scene. How do I love thee? This moment was a little piece of comic genius. I love the foot acting as Gaeta's toes slowly start turning inwards. The very insane eyeball acting from Baltar was also a treat. I really can't think of a more embarrassing situation than having your hero begging you to save his life while you are sitting on the loo. It could only happen to Gaeta.  

Aww. Baltar/Gaeta used to be so squishy. What I really love in this scene is Baltar's look of shock and gratitude when he realises that Gaeta's loyalty and effiencey have been his salvation. "I just knew you could never have had anything to do with that attack. You're not that kind of man." Oh dear. This is really the moment when someone should shoot poor Felix in the head as an act of kindness. As we know he is going to be emotionally destroyed by what is to come.

I love watching Baltar and Gaeta interacting during card games. Just little details like Gaeta stooping to collect Baltar's chips after he knocks them off the table. And Baltar sneakily topping up Gaeta's glass? I love to think that Baltar is trying to get Gaeta drunk with plans to seduce him later on. Something to heal his ego after his one-night stand with Starbuck. Because he could be sure that Felix wouldn't call out the wrong name.

As much as I love BSG: S2 there isn't much Baltar/Gaeta goodness to sink your teeth into. They share a few scenes together as the Brains of the Galactica, coming up with brilliant geeky plans to save humanity. But there's not nearly enough sexual tension for my liking. Though we do get one cute moment when Felix is feeling the pressure and he sighs "I wish Doctor Baltar was here..."

Now this is more like it! Oh New Caprica, you fertile land of angst, intensity and ho-yay. Gaeta becoming President Baltar's Chief of Staff was an inspired way to develop their relationship. I love how the scene where Baltar surrenders is shot with Felix fixing his eyes on his old hero and Baltar looking back, knowing how low he has fallen. This tension continues into the early S3 eps with Baltar and Gaeta exploding at each other over the death list. Oh and how much do I love the subtle touch of how they call each other by their first names during crisis moments? Love it....    

So this is the scene that confirmed Baltar/Gaeta as canon in my view. Gaeta's outpouring goes so much deeper than a Chief of Staff who is pissed with his failed President. You really get the sense that Baltar was Gaeta's entire world and now that world is burning down around him. This scene also proves to me that their relationship is not totally one-sided. Baltar doesn't make excuses. He listens to everything Gaeta had to say, he accepts his judgement and asks to be killed. Caprica-Six, the love of his life, stands ignored in the background as Baltar stares into Gaeta's eyes and begs for death. And I love that what Gaeta really wants is not to kill Baltar...but to see Baltar redeem himself.  

"Don't worry...we'll keep that a secret." Oh, the whisper that launched a thousand slash fics! The cell scene is so tantalisingly ambigious, so darkly intimate...how could it not inspire slash? I feel sympathy for both characters in this scene. Gaeta is so messed up. He has already suffered so much just for his association with the former president. And Baltar has been tortured, threatened, drugged, sleep deprived, force-fed, etc, since his capture. I feel they are both victims in this scene and they take it out on each other and that's so hurty and yet so hot. Lastly - I have to say it - am I allowed to read so much sexual innuendo into Gaeta being chosen to be Baltar's carrot? 

"Oh Felix...what are you doing?" So this is the scene I love and hate for exactly the same reason; because Gaeta does something very very bad. He lies in court in attempt to get Baltar convicted and executed. And this time, I really don't think his broken idealism had much to do with it. I think his adoring love for Baltar turned to dark bitter hatred and now Gaeta is lashing out in the only way he can. And you can see that Baltar is truly hurt by this betrayal from his old friend. Gaeta used to be the only one he trusted. But amid the angst we still get the classic "Butterfingers!" line. (again: innuendo?!) 

S4 Baltar/Gaeta: So in S4.0 we got about three seconds worth of Baltar/Gaeta. But I'm not complaining because those three seconds of Baltar watching over Gaeta in the infirmary were so perfect. It said so much about how Baltar had changed and revealled (maybe for the first time) that he actually cared about Gaeta in return. Not only did Baltar care enough to visit him; he also cared enough not to approach him in that moment and trying pushing his One True God spiel on Felix. In three seconds that's an awesome development

I've no idea how the writers will resolve this relationship. I really hope they allow the gay undertones to come to light especially now the webisodes have confirmed that Gaeta likes boys. Even if it's only unrequited love I'd like to see it acknowledged. And at the same time we have Baltar/Six, Gaeta/Hoshi, the Zarek story and religious absolution to look forward to. Looks like S4.5 will have great arcs for both our boys.


Deleted Scene from an unfinished fic (Gaeta, Cottle: PG)

But speak no more...my life you can take...to have her pleeeease...

Felix felt a hand pressing his shoulder, nudging him out of his trance and another chorus of his feverish lament. He swallowed his last searing note, turning it into a muffled cough. He rubbed his eyes. It was only Cottle standing over him, his brow crinkled with concern. 
"Am I bothering the other patients?” Felix asked in a voice much smaller than the one he had been singing with. This had been praying on his mind.


“Not at all, son,” Cottle assured him. “I just wanted to give you this.”


Felix frowned as the doctor handed him a sheet of office paper. It had been folded into two so that it resembled a greeting card. Inside the fold there was a collection of scribbled messages in rushed handwriting. Messages from Tigh, Dualla, Hoshi…the whole CIC team. There were clipped sentiments such as ‘We miss you’ and ‘Hang in there, son,’ along with promises that they would come visit him soon. Felix wondered if any of them really meant it. Dee had drawn a picture of a girl’s face; crying and signed it with her name. That one at least felt sincere.

Felix had to squint to read Hoshi's muddled message. In broken sentances Hoshi had written that he had been thinking of him a lot in the last two months, that he was so worried when he heard about his leg, that he really wanted to talk to him, but he didn't wish to trouble him. Felix sighed. Hoshi had been shyly flirting with him ever since he had returned to his post in the CIC after New Caprica. On the day of Baltar's acquital and Starbuck's miraculous return, Felix had got himself quite seriously drunk at Joes and wound up in Hoshi's rack. He didn't know how he felt about the guy yet. At the time Felix had just needed something to relieve his frustration. Then he had been assigned to the Demetrius crew. He hadn't even been able to say goodbye to Hoshi due to the classified nature of the mission. Felix didn't really know what to do with Hoshi's affections. He thought the guy seemed nice, caring, but it had been proved in the last few years he wasn't such a good judge of character. Besides, he didn't want to use Hoshi. He knew only too well how it felt to be used.   

Felix let his eyes stray down to the lower corner of the card to read the Admiral’s message; ‘Your seat in the CIC is waiting for you, Lieutenant’. As he read this, Felix had to bite down hard on his lower lip to keep from whimpering. Whilst he had been lying on that bunk on the Demetrius; his wound festering in the hot rancid air of the sewage ship, he had been considering that a mutiny against Captain Thrace was really mutiny against Adama himself. Felix had feared that he would be facing not only loss of limb on his return to Galactica, but the end of his military career. The end of his entire life. The old man’s message seemed terse but forgiving. Felix was so thankful for it. If nothing else at least he still had his job to do.


“I’m sure they’d have liked to send you something more,” Cottle commented, taking a cigarette from his pocket. “Don’t take it personal. They're being kept busy up there.”


Felix shrugged. He was quite happy with his piece of paper. He liked how he could hold it upright on his chest and shield his eyes from the sight of his lower body.


Cottle began to move away from his bedside, reaching for his lighter. Felix’s hand whipped out and clasped him by the sleeve, halting him in his steps.


“Could I get another shot of morpha please, doc?” he asked as sweetly and politely as he could while the pain drilled into his bone marrow from just below his knee.


Cottle frowned. “Felix…I gave you a shot just three hours ago. I can't be giving you anymore until tomorrow. You know how our supplies are.” Cottle sighed. “You better keep singing, kid...”


“I’m bothering people...” he hissed, gritting his teeth, clinging to him tighter.


Cottle chuckled. “Believe me, Felix, your singing is the least of their troubles. Besides, you’ve got a sweet sounding voice. Even President Roslin thinks so. I think it brings them peace to hear you. Personally I prefer it to listening to any more of that religious claptrap their broadcasting on the wireless.”           


Just the allusion to Baltar was enough to start the tingling in his nerve endings. Felix squeezed his eyes shut, grimacing and squirming. A hundred white hot needles were being pushed into his skin. Into the flesh and the muscle and the bone that wasn't there anymore. The ghost of his missing leg still burned and writhed as though it were being dipped in pool of molten larva.  


"I need some more frakking morpha,” he blurted out, heedlessly.


Cottle sighed, prying Felix’s fingers from his sleeves.


“That’s the pain talking, son. I’m afraid there’s nothing we can really do about that. I keep telling you…these drugs have little effect on phantom limb syndrome. It’s a well known fact. You're just going to have to find your own way of coping.”   


“Doc, please…I need…”


Keep singing,” Cottle told him again...


Merry Christmas 

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I've been having a heavy-duty writing week. When I'm hardcore writing I often have trouble switching my mind off and falling asleep so I've been ploughing through BSG eps in my insomnia. I've finished S2 now and I only skipped 4 episode which I'm assured are fairly self-contained and fillerish. 

I enjoyed S2 more than S1 I'd say, so lets get into some musings...

Well, that's about all for now. I'm looking forward to S3 especially the Baltar/Felix scenes. 

Back to work for now... 
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Phew! I've been having a bit of a BSG marthon over the past week. First of all let me say a big thanks to jelly, lune, pace, etc who have been pushing me to watch it for ages. I'm just sorry I took so long for me to get into the loop! So last night I watched through to 'Six degrees of Seperation' which was probably my favourite ep so far. So it's time for a little review/discussion! 

Additional: On a separate note, I just wanted to say a quick YAY! My girl Jessie got through to the Nancy finals! She was in the top 2 with Jodie. That's one in the eye for Captain Jack who is getting nasty in his comments about her. The judge's darling Sam got the lowest votes, but the Lord sent poor Rachel home (aw!).  Anyway, I think Jodie will win and deservedly so since she is the most suited to the Nancy part. I hope Jess comes second! 


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