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title. The Sins of the Father
fandom. Breaking Bad
characters. Walt and Jesse. Walt POV.
summary. Future fic set sometime after the Denny's teaser. Finding himself cornered by the DEA, Walt tries to find another perfect moment to die and some way for Jesse to live free. 
warnings. Heavy angst, hints of violence. 
disclaimer. BrBa is not mine and I shouldn't really be touching it. 
authors note. First off, huge thanks to my beta readers [livejournal.com profile] lenina20 and [livejournal.com profile] hanfastolfe for reading this fic through and offering me some sage advice. Writing BrBa fic is the most daunting fan project I've ever attempted so I needed the hand holding. This fic is a dark depressing gift that I promised to [livejournal.com profile] waltzmatildah after we gave each other the same challenge to write a 'Jesse finds out everything' fic. This is my nervous attempt at fulfilling that challenge.     

The plan was simple. )
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I completely forgot to link this before...
During the Great LJ Crash of 2011 me and lenina wrote a co-fic.

Harry Potter Fic: Wormwood (Gen)
Hermione centric with Harry and Ron. Gen fic (movie canon-compliant). She stands stills and watches it all unfold. She would follow him till the end—so long as he didn’t ask her to smile. 2,800 words. PG.
co-written by [info]falafel_musings and [info]lenina20. but not really ours.

It's not long. I never thought I'd write Potter verse, but it was so cool writing with Len!


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