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So I spent the last weekend of my holiday in the beautiful Hay-on-Wye, town of books (seriously it's a tiny country town with about 50 thriving book shops). I crammed a lot into just two days of the huge literature, philosophy and music festival they have there every year. I also had the pleasure of seeing a lot of great novelists - my hero Patrick Ness, but also Matt Haig, Nick Harkaway and Saci Lloyd. Ness couldn't answer my questions on the Charlie Kaufman adaptation of Chaos Walking for pesky legal reasons (sigh). But Ness is always awesome to listen to and I got to hear him read from his new novel 'More Than This' which is either a story set in the afterlife or a last survivor at the end of the world story. I can't tell yet. I also saw a wonderful gypsy band called Miss Maud's Folly who played a great original set laced with covers of 'Mein Herr' and 'Belleville Rendezvous'.

I'll have to go next year for longer.

I'm back at school now (for seven and a half long weeks) but I can cope with anything because I have my Breaking Bad S5 DVD. This includes the great new missing scene Chicks n Guns: seven minutes of brand new BrBa and I've been starved for ten months so it felt like a feast. Seven minutes of Jesse, Saul and Skinny Peteness! Yay!Chicks n Guns & S5 DVD spoilers )

I also caught up with Game of Thrones S3 in the holiday. And I was going to make a post about everything that has been happening in S3. But I just watched the latest episode and now I can't remember anything that ever happened in GoT apart from......that last fucking scene *SPOILERS* )

I'll try to catch up with Mad Men S6 next (unless I die of boredom that is).

And if I wasn't juggling enough shows...I've watched the first two episodes of Orphan Black. Ugh. I really need a break from TV too. Why does this show have to be so awesome? Does it stay this good? Who's watching?    
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I've been noticing a pattern in my fandoms. I often have a favourite guilty pleasure character. You know, the sort of character that you shouldn't like, but absolutely do. For me it's usually a character who is established as the most annoying, amoral or despicable character on the show, yet I find them irresistable and brilliant. This is the part of me that loves Gaius Baltar (BSG), Pete Campbell (Mad Men) and Sue Sylvester (Glee). Maybe it's because these characters are so self-possessed in their awfulness that they impress me? Maybe it's because you can only enjoy these characters in fiction because they wouldn't be tollerable in real life? As most of you know I've a new pleasure, Nathan Young (Misfits). Since this show & character has eaten my brain, I may as well celebrate it with a big picture & meta Nathan-spam in tribute to his appalling wonderfulness.     

For non-Misfits fans on my flist...do you have a favourite guilty pleasure character?

My Top 10 Favourite Nathan Moments (with Meta) )
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I'm still feeling ill *sniffles*. I've still got plenty of books on my reading list to polish off. But in the meantime I thought I'd type up my little celebration post of my favourite Mad Men episodes, since I'm really feeling the love now. Please share any favourite episodes or quotes of your own that I've not chosen. I'm always interested by other people's rankings.

My Top 10 Favourite Mad Men Episodes + pics, quotes and meta...  )
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Title: The Song of Old Lovers
Song/Artist: 'The Song of Old Lovers' sung by Camille O'Sullivan, composed by Jacques Brel.
Fandom: Mad Men
Description: An ensemble vid looking at the theme of imperfect love in Mad Men in its many and varied forms.
Pairings: Don/Betty, Pete/Peggy, Roger/Joan, Don/Rachel, Pete/Trudy, Harry/Hildy, Joan/Kinsey, Roger/Mona, Sal/Ken, Betty/Glen and more!
Spoilers: For S1 and S2.
Warnings: Scenes of a sexual nature.

Vidding Meta: Oh, Mad Men. Oh Camille. You so pretty... )

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Title: Sour Times
Song/Artist: 'Sour Times' by Portishead
Fandom: Mad Men
Description: A study and celebration of the intense passive aggressive mess that is Pete/Peggy. This video includes scenes of rough wild couch sex, inappropriate touching, unexpected childbirth, food fetishes and shotguns representing male sex organs. Plus a LOT of awkward glances. Welcome to the insane world of Mad Men's secretest of secret love affairs.
Pairings: Pete/Peggy, with flashes of Pete/Trudy, Peggy/Elliot and Pete/model.
Spoilers: Up to 2x13 (Meditations in an Emergency).
Warnings: Scenes of a sexual nature.

Vidding Meta: Why I love these two, even though they are depraved. )
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So I'm finally celebrating my Mad Men fandom with a list of favourite moments, pics, quotes and meta about my favourite character; Pete Campbell. I've been watching MM since Christmas and until recently Pete was the guy I loved to hate on the show. But since finishing S2 I've realised I adore him and possibly always have deep down. As most MM fans will tell you Pete is a weird insidious self-important little fucker. But I think he's the most entertaining character. If he isn't making you throw things at the TV, he is making you laugh, or making you pity him, or freaking you out. I guess Pete Campbell is my substitute Gaius Baltar. I miss having a loser freak hero to root for.

So here is my Pete Spam! Featuring lots of Pete/Peggy and Pete/Don. )
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I finished Mad Men S2. I had been watching one episode a week, but last night I couldn't sleep so I watched the last two eps online. Now the withdrawral symptoms begin. I really can't recommend this show highly enough.

Mad Men S2 Finale...could this be the most flawless show on TV? ) 
*sigh* Time to rewatch S1 I guess. Or restart watching The Wire S1.


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