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Nope, still not sick of The Wire yet...

S1 Rewatch: plus spoilers for later seasons )
Taking a day off today. My brain has novel fatigue. It needs to heal.
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I finished watching last week, but I hadn't had the chance to reflect due to busy busy work.

The Wire: Season 5. Take a bow, show... )

Anyway, I must get back to work. I already want to rewatch all five seasons though!

The Wire S3

Jul. 8th, 2009 09:44 pm
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So I finished The Wire: S3... )
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Title: Wise Up
Song/Artist: 'Wise Up' by Aimee Mann.
Fandom: The Wire
Description: A tribute to the corner kids and the adults who tried to help them. 
Characters: Randy, Namond, Michael, Dukie, Bodie, Bubbles. 
Spoilers: For S4 Only.
Warnings: Violent and distressing scenes

The Wire S4 Meta: Because this shit is deep, yo... )
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So I've been watching it...

The Wire: S2 thoughts )
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OMG. Could. Not. Stop. Watching.

One of the Best Seasons of Anything Ever. True Dat. )

Now excuse me while I curl up and whimper some more...
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Wow. I'm only three episodes into it. Already I'm finding it twice as good as S1 and liking it 10 times more.

The Wire: S4 (Reactions to the story so far) )

Oh I finally settled on some new novels to read. 'The Blood of Flowers' (thanks [livejournal.com profile] elliotsmelliot ) and 'The Gone Away World'. Both are very new and look to be great reads. Thanks for everyone who gave me recs. I've more books on order!
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I've been ill today, can't stop coughing. Ugh.

Well, finally finishing The Wire: S1... )


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