Date: 2012-11-20 02:16 am (UTC)
Amazing re-cap again!! I LOVE that they're getting longer and longer!

Walt is in that same vulnerable position that Jesse used to be in back when they were working with the likes of Tuco.

Reading your analysis is so fulfilling because I get to watch the episodes again with new, more informed sets of eyes. I had noticed the role reversal but didn't realize the extent of it - Walt getting constantly beat up, being the needy one while Jesse is the one who 'provides'.

Jesse doesn't like Gus or Hank, but he doesn't like murdering people either, so he's hoping the two douchebags will just cancel each other out.

That was one of the most unfunny, funniest scene ever. If that makes any sense.

Jesse however knows from Mr White's"No" to Go Carts that he doesn't do friendly interaction for no reason.

So true. Sniff.

Mike orders Walt not to even talk to Jesse and their new roles are now clear; Jesse is a protected member of the inner circle and Walt is a contemptible underling on the verge of being whacked.

At this point, I felt sorry for Walt. Just a little bit. Not much. But it was there.

It's heartbreaking that so soon after Jesse's "If you kill Mr White, you're gonna have to kill me too" vow Walt is tearing strips off Jesse for being a traitor. Yet Walt's outrage makes perfect sense too. Once again, this is Gretchen and Elliot stealing Walt's rightful place. It's another Gale being brought in to replace him. Jesse let himself become the new Gale! A Gale who Walt can't even eliminate because,'s Jesse.

It's really heartbreaking but I liked that Walt ultimately realized how loyal Jesse was. I wonder if Gus was ever afraid that Walt would kill Jesse... I thought Gus's 'Stay away from Pinkman' was because of this fear that Walt was planning another murder. If I had been Gus, I wouldn't even have let Walt knock on Jesse's door.

All he really needed was someone to say "You can do this" and Walt has carelessly allowed those precious words of encouragement to come from Gus.

It doesn't take much, doesn't it? Stupid Walt.

So Jesse delivers an epic smack-down to the cartel chemists and both Gus and Mike smile like proud parents, as if they'd like to say "That's our boy!" They believe it was they who transformed Jesse from a worthless junkie into a capable badass. But if we listen to Jesse's words, his rants about contamination and the sneering condescension in his voice...we know who Jesse really learned this behavior from. He is still Walt's boy; still Mr White's pupil. Jesse is still puffing himself up like a blowfish to scare away the bigger fish as Walt taught him to long ago.

Awesome observation!!! This show is amazing. I've seen so many other TV shows where people are constantly psychoanalyzing every other character's motivations... With BB, we have to figure it out ourselves. We have to work for it. This is not the kind of show you can appreciate fully while running on a treadmill.

Junior has always been a bit of a strong silent type but he definitely seems to register his dad calling him "Jesse" and I'm still desperate for the kid to tell someone (Hank!) about that particular slip up.

God, me too. And I want a scene between Jesse and Junior.

I have to wonder if Gus feels some envy for Walt & Jesse in how they both protect the other from the fate of Max.

Oh, I think so. Who wouldn't?

Walt may sincerely regret those words but he can't deny that he said them.

And too bad for Walt that Jesse doesn't forget anything he says.

He tells Jesse not to risk his own life, he tells Jesse to just get in his car and drive away from it all. But Jesse is now determined to kill Gus, just like Walt always wanted, so Walt dutifully offers to help Jesse, like this whole thing was really Jesse's idea.

That was super brilliant. Fuck you Walt!!!!!!!

I don't really know why they later meet on a rooftop

I believe it was the hospital's rooftop - where Jesse's car was still parked (we see Walt's rental car parked in the background). Also, Jesse was probably at the hospital to be with Brock and Andrea.
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