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You are the Harbinger of death, Kara Thrace,
You will lead them all to their end,
End of line...

We're supposed to go into the Opera House... )
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All of this has happened before,
All of it will happen again...

I've had it up to here with destiny... )
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But you and I have been through that, 
And this is not our fate
So let us not talk falsely now
The hour is getting late...

It made me happy and sad all at the same time... )
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Okay, so this was the first ep of 4.5 that kinda pissed me off...

In fact this is the first new BSG that made me pleased there are only 4 eps left. 

The blending has already begun... )
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Hell is other people...

I gave you the gift of free will... )
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But wish no more,
My life you can take,
To have her please just one day awake
To have her please just one day wake...

Resturaunts shaped like food... )
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(I hurt...) Is fandom trying to punish me for my sins?

I want this to stop. Now. This is madness. )
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There is a languor of the life,
More emminent than pain,
Tis pains successor; When the soul
Has suffered all it can...

There are days that I really hate this job... )
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Sometimes I live in the country
Sometimes I live in the town
Sometimes I get a great notion
To jump into the river an’ drown...

Little Ana got her smile back... ) 
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Okay, it's only one and half weeks till the final act of BSG begins and already I can't contain excitement. So I'm celebrating the TEN DAYS countdown to new BSG with a list/picspam of my 12 favourite BSG moments; one for each of the 12 colonies of Kobol and the (soon to be) 12 cylon models.

My Top 12 Favourite BSG Moments... )

If you have time please share your own favourite BSG moments and squee with me over the show's return!

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I've been having a heavy-duty writing week. When I'm hardcore writing I often have trouble switching my mind off and falling asleep so I've been ploughing through BSG eps in my insomnia. I've finished S2 now and I only skipped 4 episode which I'm assured are fairly self-contained and fillerish. 

I enjoyed S2 more than S1 I'd say, so lets get into some musings...

Well, that's about all for now. I'm looking forward to S3 especially the Baltar/Felix scenes. 

Back to work for now... 
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Phew! I've been having a bit of a BSG marthon over the past week. First of all let me say a big thanks to jelly, lune, pace, etc who have been pushing me to watch it for ages. I'm just sorry I took so long for me to get into the loop! So last night I watched through to 'Six degrees of Seperation' which was probably my favourite ep so far. So it's time for a little review/discussion! 

Additional: On a separate note, I just wanted to say a quick YAY! My girl Jessie got through to the Nancy finals! She was in the top 2 with Jodie. That's one in the eye for Captain Jack who is getting nasty in his comments about her. The judge's darling Sam got the lowest votes, but the Lord sent poor Rachel home (aw!).  Anyway, I think Jodie will win and deservedly so since she is the most suited to the Nancy part. I hope Jess comes second! 
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